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What I am all about.

I am an Italian interactive designer based in London. I graduated in BA(hons) Interaction Design Arts at the London College of Arts. Thanks to this course I have learnt about the importance and beauty of expanding one's limits. I like to experiment with different techniques and combine them togethter in order to create original projects.

My passion for the creation of physical objects pushed me to mainly focus on the art of carpentry, yet it did not stop me from learnign more digital skills. I enjoy drawing a lot, and try to variate with tools and styles in order to achieve the best outcomes.

woodwork 90%
Creative Cloud 87%
Physical Computing 70%
3D Modeling 85%


A collection of personal projects.

Grape Stomping

Interactive Installation

Lift Off

Interactive Installation

When I Grow Up

Augmented Reality

Fidget Toys

Product Design